My little Flight Simulator Channel

I've put together some of my fav FS-related sites and I've built a CDF file to easily update them. I've kept the channel in my HD for some time and I've decided to publish it for the convenience of the fellow simmers. 

This channel should work both in Pointcast 2.0 and in Micro$oft IE 4, so the choice is yours ;-). If you don't have Pointcast, click here to download the FREE software. 

Click here to subscribe to my FS channel. 

If you think I should add any other site to the channel, please email me. 





  NOTE TO SITE OWNERS: If any of the owners of the sites I've put in the channel wants to be removed, drop me a note and it will be done at once.  
  (Just to know if this is useful to somebody, please email me if you subscribe to this channel. Any opinions, criticisms, etc will be welcome).