S&F authors and resources.

My interest for S&F began when I was 14. Then I read the Foundation series, by Isaac Asimov. Since that day, I've been hooked.

My preferences in S&F are with the hard authors, of the likes of Gregory Benford and David Brin, and with the writers of intelligent and well conceived space stories. My fav is C.J. Cherryh, who has built some of the most interesting and well-designed worlds of S&F.

I've compiled some links to pages devoted to S&F writers:

I've been told about more internet S&F resources. Now this list is short, but I hope it will grow and grow... :-)

If you know any other SF-related WWW site. please make me know. I'd like to add it to this list. Of course, all contributors will be credited ;-)

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